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Join advantage
  • 01.
    Provide professional home furnishing and soft furnishing services for more than 10,000+ families Fashion neo-classical British light luxury
  • 02.
    Distributed in 50+ stores nationwide, a British home furnishing brand that sells well for high-end elites in China
  • 03.
    Two mainstream furniture styles, exporting artistic parquet technology to the world, focusing on copper art research and development and manufacturing
  • 04.
    Omni-channel cooperation resource platform, excellent franchise support policy
Affiliate Support
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    Combined with well-known home media, all-round and multi-angle online and offline integration investment, fully covering all groups of people.
  • Training support
    Guodian Furniture provides all-round training for franchisee teams (shopping guide, design, installation), and a complete training system, allowing franchisees to master product, management, and shopping guide knowledge, and help expand the terminal market.
  • Opening support
    Professional marketing and opening team plan opening activities, on-site command, full monitoring and support.
  • Event support
    The marketing team provides nanny-style assistance throughout the entire process, continuously improves the overall quality of the team through various trainings and actual marketing operations, and is jointly driven by marketing, promotion and marketing, providing strong support and guarantee for the rapid development of franchisees.
Join conditions
Business management experience in building materials or furniture related industries is preferred
The store area is 400 square meters, above is better
The specialty store is best located in a more standardized building material store concentrated area
Stores must be designed and operated in accordance with the unified regulations of the National Code
The store must specialize in Guodian products, and must not deal in similar products from other manufacturers
Pay the brand deposit
Allocate relevant personnel as required, and receive training and assessments on a regular basis.
Join process
  • Preliminary negotiation with selected target market

  • Application for joining intention

  • Store confirmation

  • Qualification review

  • Sign a cooperation agreement

  • Contract payment

  • Fulfill the agreement

  • Market study

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