Whole house


Tracing and experiencing the life trajectory of aristocrats
Guodian Furnishing has successfully become one of the most influential British furniture manufacturers in China, and has launched a 360 service model to provide high-end furniture and overall soft furniture for large-scale real estate projects, villas, mansions, luxury hotels, clubs, sales offices, model houses, etc. around the world. installation service. Its brands have more than 50 senior soft decoration designers and nearly 100 product craftsmen, specializing in providing high-end customized services for customers and creating a perfect and comfortable space.
Since entering the new century, the fashion trend of furniture culture has changed. The charm of aristocratic luxury homes has begun to attract the attention and favor of successful people in Asia and China. , and because of its extremely luxurious and beautiful British-style decoration design, it satisfies the world's desire to trace and experience the trajectory of aristocratic life.
Luxurious and artistic
The magnificent buildings are the solidified sculptures of the city. Exquisite and elegant furniture is a work of art with infinite vitality in the living room. The engraving craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation makes every piece of furniture beautiful, and every piece seems to be a treasure from heaven and earth.
Luxury, Ambilight
Natural logs, handed down craftsmanship, top materials, ancient culture...
As an element of wealth and glory,
In the space of natural rubber wood frame,
Gorgeous reorganization, how can it be locked up, this room is unique
and crystal clear.